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Growth market of e-commerce

There is enormous growth potential on the global e-commerce market. The trend away from highstreet retail to online shopping will continue over the coming years. As a result, the number of sellers on e-commerce platforms is rising continuously. The HelloSeller app is a B2B application for e-commerce.


Advancing digitalisation has produced a great demand for digital solutions that open up enormous opportunities for the developed products. The increases in value of some companies in this area – from their founding to the present day – can be extreme. In the past, applications like Slack (B2B instant messaging service), Github (software developer platform), WhatsApp (instant messaging service) or Shopify (B2B e-commerce software) have been able to undergo astronomic appreciation in just a few years. They were initially financed with the founders’ own capital and are now worth billions.

Business model

HelloSeller GmbH markets the HelloSeller app – the first exclusively mobile, intuitive information app for any Amazon seller worldwide. It offers users extensive real-time insights into sales, account activities, time-critical actions and long-term statistics. What’s more, HelloSeller is unique in that it serves all the information needs of Amazon sellers as a mobile app. The target group of the HelloSeller app are the around 2 million active Amazon sellers worldwide. Every year, hundreds of thousands of new Amazon sellers join their ranks.

Scaling and further development

The HelloSeller app has multi-lingual capacity and is globally scalable. The app will be successively released for all 19 Amazon markets. After five years, the EBITDA is expected to lie at 70% (s. Business plan). In the past, comparable companies, such as Blinkist1), Downstream2), Riskmethods3, Klara4) or Orderbird5), have been able to undergo tremendous value appreciation within just a few years. As a comparable company, HelloSeller was initially financed with the founder’s own capital in the start-up phase and has an excellent opportunity to achieve an outstanding company valuation in the coming years, as described in the HelloSeller GmbH and SEMIS AG business plan.


1)Blinkist (non-fiction short versions) acquired by Go1 (Australia), EUR 200 million.
2)Downstream (marketing tool for Amazon sellers) acquired by Jungle Scout, USD 110 million.
3)Riskmethods (supply chain analysis) acquired by Sphera (USA), EUR 250 million.
4)Klara (healthcare communications service) acquired by ModMed (USA), USD 200 million
5)Orderbird (cash system) taken over by payment service provider Nets (DE), EUR 100 million.

Business plan

HelloSeller presents you its updated business plan for your perusal. Besides outlining the strategic direction and the pending development and investment for HelloSeller, the market and competitive situation, associated organisation and financing plans as well as the outlook for business in the coming five years are explained. The company believes that this business plan will enable the consistent implementation of the ideal value chain for the HelloSeller app and provides the necessary foundation at the start of project development for future earnings power and marketability. SEMIS AG, our parent company, guarantees the administration, financing and management within the framework of the investment – with the aim of leading HelloSeller GmbH to social and economic success.

Investment with high returns

The various small capital investments in HelloSeller GmbH, Zug, offer investors the opportunity to achieve outstanding returns from an investment starting at EUR 5,000: Interest from just a 3-year capital commitment, quarterly interest payments and a high return of up to 8.75% (annually) plus SEMIS AG bonus shares.

SMALL CAPITAL investment offer (exclusively for German investors)

Return-orientated, direct company participation in the form of silent partnership capital for a limited group of investors (max. 20 silent partnership participations = small capital participation). The following company participations in HelloSeller GmbH are available:

  • registered bonds with restricted transferability
  • profit participation rights
  • Silent participations
  1. there is no obligation to publish a prospectus for the investments presented here pursuant to Section 2 (2) sentence 1 of the German Investment Act (§ 2 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Vermögensanlagengesetz); the exemption pursuant to Section 2 (1) no. 3a of the German Investment Act (§ 2 Abs. 1 Nr. 3a Vermögensanlagengesetz) applies in each case.
  2. All three financial instruments mentioned contain so-called qualified subordination clauses for the investors’ claims. The contractual basis is therefore as follows: The subordinated lender grants the company unsecured subordinated equity capital. The subordinated capital granted represents an entrepreneurial participation with an equity-like liability function for the liabilities of the company (the subordinated capital has a liability function that prevents insolvency = (pre-insolvency enforcement block). The subordinated lender therefore participates with its paid-in capital in the entrepreneurial business risk of the company up to the possible total loss of its capital and bears financial responsibility for the company by providing capital.
  3. Pursuant to Section 12 (2) of the German Investment Act (§ 12 Abs. 2 Vermögensanlagengesetz), there is an obligation to point out significant risks when acquiring any investment that could lead to the complete loss of the assets invested (risk of total loss).
  4. all financial instruments mentioned here are examples and do not constitute offers, but are freely negotiable with their variables – premium, instalment deposits, term, interest rate, distributions and minimum participations.


The various small-capital investments of HelloSeller GmbH, Zug, offer investors from an investment amount of EUR 5,000 the opportunity of far above-average returns with an interest rate:

from 6.25 % to 8.75 % p. a.

For further information on our investment opportunities, such as premiums, instalment deposits, terms, interest rates, distributions and minimum investments, as well as subscription documents, please contact your advisor or call +41 41 560 08 99.


Reservation of information

The present concept has been prepared with great care. Unforeseen future developments may influence the information presented in this concept. Unforeseen developments may lead to improvements or deteriorations in future income and to capital gains or losses. Changes in legislation, case law or administrative practice may affect the profitability, availability and value of this equity investment. The issuers can therefore provide no guarantee that the economic, tax and other objectives associated with the investment will be realised.


Reservation of liability

The profitability data, other information, illustrations, figures and development trends shown in this concept are based exclusively on the publishers’ forecasts and experience. Although all information, illustrations, figures and development forecasts presented correspond to the best of our knowledge and belief and are based on current assessments of the economic situation and the sales market, deviations are possible due to future developments other than those assumed, in particular with regard to the calculated and forecast figures. No guarantee can be given for the accuracy of the figures and calculations in the event of printing, calculation and drawing errors. No liability can be accepted for deviating future economic developments or for changes to the legal basis in the form of laws, decrees and case law, as experience has shown that these can be subject to change. In particular, no liability can be accepted for the information provided in this concept with regard to tax calculations and explanations. No one is authorised to provide information that deviates from this concept unless authorised to do so in writing by the publishers. The content of this investment exposé is decisive for the contractual relationship.


Risk information

The subscription of subordinated loans and profit-participating subordinated loans as entrepreneurial investments is subject to certain risks due to their specific characteristics. In the case of subordinated loans, it cannot be ruled out that significant losses or interest payment defaults may occur or that the total loss of the subordinated loan capital invested by the investor may occur due to the occurrence of individual risks or the interaction of several risks. Previous market or business developments cannot be regarded as a basis or indicator for future developments. In addition, the investor is tied to the investment for a longer period of time and cannot dispose of his invested capital during this period, as early cancellation and trading of the investment are excluded.


The issuer is HelloSeller GmbH, Zug.

The registered office of the company is:

HelloSeller GmbH
Steinhauserstrasse 74
6300 Zug

Telephone: +41 41 560 08 99
Email: [email protected]


Reprinting and / or reproduction, even in extracts, only with written authorisation. We reserve the right to make changes due to further developments. We reserve the right to make changes due to further developments.


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